Time for change – Intuitive coaching

You want to be fully you and live your life in alignment with your soul and gifts. Live with ease and trust, being full of energy, joy and fulfillment

Your thoughts and old beliefs and patterns are in your way. You want your heart, soul and intuition to take the lead and fully bring out your amazing qualities.

Use them to serve yourselve and those around you. To be present and have warm and meaningful relationships. With your loved ones and colleagues.

If you are ready to take this step I am here to help you Come Home, to be you. To get clarity on those patterns and energy that no longer serve you  and let them go. To reactivate your unique powerful energy. So you can change your life and take the next step.

I feel, see, sense, hear and know what is blocking you and guide you to the right places and help you heal. I guide you back to your unique energy, own resources and powers so you can use them again and bring them into your life fully. And can support you in re-activating them. To take the next step.

I believe that we have all the answers inside, you only have to go within.

By means of 1,5 hour sessions we navigate you back into the leading position, living from your heart and soul, supported by your beautiful and smart mind. You will also learn how to help yourselves.

Elements in these sessions are:

  • my clair senses
  • down-to-earth approach
  • coaching
  • intuitive questions
  • energy clearing
  • my Coming Home Spiral process
  • tools for managing your energy
  • HSP tools
  • crystals
  • cards
  • Nepalese singing bowls
  • healings
  • my guides

Are you ready? Let’s get in touch for a Clarity Call to find out whether we match. Would love to hear what you want to change and what  you are longing for in your life.


“Nathasja has a groundedness in her being that allows deep connection. She held space for my authentic self to come through without judgement. It was like the pressures of the world subsided and slipped away, allowing the trust and knowledge I have within my own being to come forth. This is a beautiful and solid foundation from which to make truly aligned decisions in my business.”

“Nathasja helped me discover my own self in the most loving and connected way possible. She is a great listener and a wonderful guide in discovering your own internal voice. Nathasjas empathic sense touched and felt with compassion the different critical voices I had inside myself and was able to let me accept, embrace and communicate with the internal critic. She has this simple way of creating self awareness in a loving and accepting space that you find yourself finding your own answers within. I am a highly sensitive person and Nathasja was also able to help me navigate what it is to be an HSP and the tools I can use whenever I feel overwhelmed by external stimuli in staying grounded to myself and my being. Nathasja understands HSP very well and was so kind to share the tools she uses herself to help me feel not alone in this highly stimulated environments that we live in. I will eternally be grateful to Nathasja for her role in my growth. I highly and lovingly recommend her to anyone looking for an authentic self journey.”

“These sessions help me to be better at what I do, know myself better and understand what I want and what not. And to trust myself.”

“Nathasjas way of working with focusing on the energy has been the most effective help over my last 2 years. I turned to Nathasja when I was struggling with my energy levels being zapped daily by having to interact with a person going through a difficult time. I was looking for one thing, anything really that would help as I suffer from Narcolepsy and being so sensitive it was easily activated emotionally. Nathasja went above and beyond, not giving me one technique but 4! She also did a guided meditation to help me clear and let go that helped immediately. I almost couldn’t believe how well it worked the following weeks, the difference being like night and day! I reused the techniques again and again as needed and am forever grateful for how much she has helped me feel more peace and calm energy in my body.”

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