Midsummer Goddess Soul Retreat

Unleash your vision and mission 24 June 2021 | 6 – 9.30 pm CET

Your Guides
Britta and Nathasja have been using their psychic and healing abilities all their life. They have both found their true nature and created a life aligned with their heart, soul and gifts. They have a strong and down-to-earth connection with their guides and are powerful, intuitive healers of energy. They both turned their mission into thriving businesses and are now helping others to reconnect with their true nature too.

When they met they truly found a soul mate in each other with the same, deep connection with nature, strong energetic power and a similar mission. So they decided to join forces with a shared mission and lots of flow and fun!

Britta van Arman is Life Design Coach, Healer & Shaman and helps women, that feel stuck and unfulfilled, to find their true nature and create life that is aligned and filled with intention and purpose.
 & www.brittavanarman.com & Conscious Life Design Club

Nathasja Gootjes is Intuitive Coach, Healer & High Priestess of Divine Love and guides down-to-earth spiritual women and men who want to connect with their essence and gifts. In order to fully be themselves and live their unique talents. www.helderheid-coaching.nl & https://t.me/energylettersfromnathasja  & Being Fully You