Samhain Spiral Ceremony Nov 4

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Samhain Spiral Ceremony Nov 4 Amsterdam




We want to invite you to honor this special season. Did you know that Halloween or All Hallows Eve (Christian) actually is based on Samhain?

Samhain is one of the celebrations of the Celtic Wheel of the Year. It originally was celebrated during the full moon around the end of October/beginning of November. Now it is on 31 October (northern hemisphere) and 1 November (southern hemisphere). It means End of the Summer and marks the end of the Celtic year.

We celebrate the going of light and the coming of darkness. A pause with silence and slowing down that allows us to see what is still in the darkness and prepare for the new year. The veil between our world and that of our ancestors, of our bloodline, of our land and our spiritual families is thinner.

And as it is the end of the year it is a great moment to look back to all the happened in the past year and reflect on it.

Friday 4 November we are going to energetically walk a charged Spiral. Through the past year, honouring our lessons and letting go of what still feels heavy. With the help of our Teams of Guides and Angels and the energy of Samhain.

Another Nabrita Ceremony (held in Dutch / English) full of rituals and magic so you can turn inwards and celebrate your unique essence, recharge and walk into your future. Lighter, full of intention and powerful while bringing your light into the world.

Are you joining us this Friday at 19.30-21.00 at Lakenhalstraat 2 in Amsterdam?  We can’t wait to welcome you for an evening full of magic to start the new Celtic Year!

Sending you Love & light,
Britta & Nathasja



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