Personal Healing – 1 hour


Intuitively I create the conditions for you to heal. I invite in the energy and information you need and bring it to the places in your body and energy field where blockages and emotions are stuck.

I feel what you feel, where and what your blockages and unique power and gifts are. My energy reaches out to you to guide you and your soul with love and attention. Back to your body, back to ease, trust, love and clarity.

It brings you transformation, growth and healing. My clearsenses and  often also bring in questions, messages and images.

I also work with guides and use crystals, Nepalese singing bowls and cards.

I believe that all answers are inside of you and that you already have all that you need. I bring you back home so you can experience and find it yourself.

Want to know more or want to plan one? Please send your message to or plan it directly here.

Would love to guide you in your coming home journey. You being you and living your live aligned with your soul.