Your free Grounding Meditation with love

Your free Grounding Meditation with love…

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Welcome! You reading this means you are interested in grounding.

Grounding means connecting your base chakra or your feet with the ground.

When you are grounded you are present in your body.  You are living in the here and now. You are connected with your body and with your feelings. You are more relaxed and at the same time present.

I love being grounded and it is vital for me being an sensitive person and energy worker. For me being grounded means a clear had, feeling strong, self secure and calm. It is just right.

It also enables me to better hear and feel the voice of my intuition. To have easier access to my psychic abilities.

When grounded it is much easier to support yourself and what is happening inside of you. It is also easier to cope with your environment.

Grounding is the basis of every meditation. It enables you to experience your body. And it gives you the opportunity to let all emotions and other energy go and let it flow out of you into the ground.

Especially for high sensitive people grounding is an important tool. They often live in their head. And often they absorb a lot of information from their surroundings. When not grounded it is difficult to process this and to let it go.

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